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    Ice Age Imperials

    May 26, 2018 - Aug 26, 2018

    Imagine traveling 20,000 years into the past to a period in our planet's history when the environment was dramatically different than we know it today. Fierce cats, enormous mastodons and wooly mammoths, six-feet-tall beavers, and other giant creatures roamed the land, and every day was a struggle for survival. This story will be presented like never before, through direct handling and interaction with real fossils from such ancient animals as the giant (five ton!) ground sloth, the cave bear, the largest breed of lion to ever live, and the herds of shaggy elephants that once covered North America. Ice Age Imperials explores how today's animal life compares to its extinct Ice Age relatives, and about the way of life of the earliest peoples, the Paleo-hunters, that once inhabited North America. Ice Age Imperials will also provide a rare opportunity to "touch the Ice Age." For more information on Ice Age Imperials or the History Museum of Mobile, please call 251.301.0266.

    Host organization: History Museum of Mobile

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