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Mobile is a city of great diversity and energy and is currently poised for major economic growth. New projects such as the Airbus assembly plant, and expansions in our shipbuilding and medical research facilities, are contributing to what many predict will be a period of rapid development. A focus on public education and workforce development programs are preparing young people to fill the jobs these new and expanding industries are bringing to our area.

2010 Census Data

Subject Number Percent
Total population 195,111 100.0
Median age (years) 35.7 (X)
16 years and over 153,859 78.9
18 years and over 148,010 75.9
21 years and over 138,879 71.2
62 years and over 32,779 16.8
65 years and over 26,747 13.7
Male population 91,783 47.0
Female population 103,328 53.0
White 87,723 45.0
Black or African American 98,691 50.6
American Indian and Alaska Native 623 0.3
Asian 3,427 1.8
Some Other Race 1,762 0.9
Two or More Races 2,808 1.4
Hispanic or Latino (of any race) 4,600 2.4
Total households 78,959 100.0
Average household size 2.40 (X)
Average family size [7] 3.07 (X)
Total housing units 89,127 100.0
Occupied housing units 78,959 78,959
Vacant housing units 10,168 11.4

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Tourism in Mobile:

As one of the most historic cities along the Gulf Coast, Mobile attracts tourists from around the globe. Some fast facts about tourism in the Port City:

  • Tourism-related activity generated nearly $5 million in lodging tax for Mobile County in 2010.
  • The Mobile Metropolitan Statistical Area is the largest in the state in terms of travel-related spending.
  • In regards to number of visitors annually, Mobile is the third largest city in the state, with 3.3 million visitors in 2010.
  • More than 16,000 people are employed in travel-related jobs in Mobile County.